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Garden State Business Brokers ®

Garden State Business Brokers ®Garden State Business Brokers ®Garden State Business Brokers ®

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Why choose us...

     You need to hire an articulate, diligent advocate to sell your business in today's competitive environment; someone to pre-qualify and vet prospective buyers; someone to shepherd you through the arduous process and ease the anxiety of your most significant sale. With four decades of small-business experience, Lewis Rafel has the knowledge and technique necessary to market your company. He has mentored dozens of individuals and small-business owners and understands how to navigate hidden obstacles.


What we do...

     Garden State Business Brokers offers a wide range of brokerage and business consulting services such as business brokerage, business valuation, SBA finance assistance, marketing and advertising expertise, web design, inventory management, personnel management, and licensed Commercial Real Estate brokerage through our Real Estate Brokerage affiliate Driscoll Real Estate, Chatham, NJ, where Mr Rafel is a Licensed REALTOR®. 


How we do it...

     A careful and detailed analysis of your business is performed to establish metrics for evaluation. We are vying against rival businesses for sale and must present your business in its best light for comparison. Your personal needs and requirements are determined. The structure of the sale and remuneration to you will be optimized to make your divestiture as palatable as possible. 

     We tailor the marketing of your business within the boundaries of proven avenues of success. Your business may be well suited to presentation on major national business brokerage websites, local sites, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, through our private client list, our financing contacts, or real estate multiple listing; Each option will be explored and exploited.

     You will be actively involved in preparing and approving documentation so that we accurately portray your business. 

The process...

     Your relationship with the purchaser of your business will experience several phases. At first you are strictly Sellers and Buyers positioning for best advantage. The Due Diligence period will be very formal and will prove what is being offered for sale. Closing may be a finite and terminating event or may create “partners” in a business in transition, creating allies committed to a common goal. Sometimes with the potential for continued mutual benefit. 

     We have experienced the successful and less-successful selling of a business many times and have developed a system and set of tools to navigate the process. Be assured, problems will arise during the selling process which Lewis Rafel will work to solve innovatively, patiently and diligently. Every transaction is unique which is one of the most enjoyable parts of putting together a deal from the broker’s perspective and assures the seller of continued high interest and participation on the part of GSBBNJ. 

    We understand it is a privilege to represent you and must have a respectful and professional relationship with our clients because we cannot accept every listing and are discerning in the projects we choose to work on.

    Our clients deserve loyalty and priority scheduling. Therefore, we exclusively serve sellers and buyers who have signed representation agreements.


About Lew

Lewis Rafel


As a manufacturer, importer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer with an intimate knowledge of small business operations and marketing, Lewis has employed his award-winning customer service skills with large corporate retailers as well as mom and pop enterprises. He has traveled the U.S., Europe and Asia sourcing materials & production, selling products & consulting since 1980. He is licensed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission and is a member in good standing of the International Business Brokers Association, New England Business Brokers Association and National Association of Realtors. He is an avid skier, road & mountain biker.


The information above is provided by the individual seller of each business described and is not verified by the Broker who makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied about the accuracy or completeness of any data or descriptions on this website. All listings subject to change of price, prior sale and withdrawal. All Buyers are advised to perform due diligence and verify all information to their satisfaction and to seek professional legal and financial advice before purchasing any business.




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   Our sellers and buyers deserve loyalty and priority scheduling. 

Therefore, we exclusively serve clients that sign our representation agreements. 

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